I believe that very often, searching for a clue if something can be done in Dynamics 365, you can stumble upon some Message that is not documented in Microsoft Dynamics 365 SDK, but works perfectly fine (like for example ExportToExcel message). I decided to prepare a list of all those messages, together with input and output parameters that they are using. Of course, I will not provide you the documentation – you must experiment with them by yourself. For most of them it’s really clear from their name, what functionality they provide. Remember that all these messages are not in official SDK – they are used internally by CRM, but I would think twice before I would decide to use them in some project (because of their internal nature, they can become obsolete in future releases of CRM without any notice from Microsoft, not like the messages from the offical SDK, but personally I think such scenario is highly unlikely), but some of them look like a great candidates for usage in tools or some helper code for developers. Also if you will find something really useful, please don’t hesitate to post crm idea to add such message into official SDK.

How you can call this messages? It’s simply executing OrganizationRequest with proper parameters from the below table. Look at the following example:

Basically Input Parameters should be inserted in Parameters collection of the OrganizationRequest, and Output Parameters can be obtained from Results collection of the OrganizationResponse.

Here is the promised list of all Messages. Remember that this is to be used only by experienced Dynamics 365 Developers. If you are not sure what are you doing – don’t do it. And don’t test this messages on any important environments – I would suggest to create some local instance for yourself as a playground.

Having said that – have fun!