We specialize in delivering the best solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 products family. We are Microsoft Partner and Cloud Solution Provider with huge experience in implementing systems for different business sectors, providing not only technical but also functional knowledge for our customers. Our projects always focus on delivering the highest quality products, perfectly fitting into business of our customers, significantly boosting productivity of their people.


Increasing sales performance has always been the key of every single company. Without centralized software, available on every device it very hard for your salesman to keep efficiency at the highest rate. We can customize Dynamics 365 for Sales to fulfil all the requirements you have for such system, simplifying all tasks for your employees and giving you the best insight to all the sales data.

Customer Service

Providing seamless Customer Service experience has become one of the most important part of running a successfull businesses. Our goal is to adapt Dynamics 365 Customer Service exactly to your needs, giving you the full control over the customer experience process, helping your service centers to organize their work by providing access to all necessary data and reducing time required to close support request to a minimum.


Portals that will allow your customers to track their service requests, place an order, ask for a quote of your product? We know it all – we can help you design a perfect website and integrate it with any other system you have – CRM, ERP, billing system, social media like Twitter, Facebook or maybe another custom website.

Power BI

Having great systems collecting a lot of useful data is the first step that every business should take. But without any reporting, such data would be useless – we can help you to plan, prepare and deploy great reports using Microsoft Power BI, that will make it easier to plan your business and your strategy of sales and customer experience.


Running marketing campaigns is not only sending a lot of emails to all your customers. We can customize and deploy a system that will allow you to measure the performance of your marketing actions, better choose your targets and prepare better personalized campaigns for your clients.

Project Service

Track all your projects in Dynamics 365 system – our experienced Project Managers can help you adapt your processes to achieve maximum performance and our Developer will modify the system to fit your needs

Field Service

Field service is all about mobility and proper planning of your resources. Dynamics 365 for Field Services will increase the productivity and make it easier for you to plan and organize your resources, improving your customers satisfaction.


Analysis & Design

Our team members are experienced business analysts. They can walk you through all of your business aspects and translate it into a Dynamics 365 solution. Once a project is initiated, you will get instant access to your new system to monitor and verify that everything is going according to what was agreed upon and if the product requires changes or improvements. It is not difficult to customise Dynamics 365. However, it is difficult to build a solution that is scalable with a design that does not become inefficient years after Go-live. Fortunately for you, we know the platform’s weaknesses and bottlenecks and, more importantly, we knows how to avoid them.


Our technical team is not only 365 focused. Each member is .NET developer, who can build everything from scratch or integrate this platform with external components such as ERP systems, document repositories, reporting platforms, cloud services, mobile application, intranet portals, web exposed services, etc. Our team members have worked on projects dealing with external dependencies, and in many cases, these systems were based on non-Microsoft technologies (Oracle, DB2, Java EE).


Microsoft put a lot of work to make this platform a world leader – their roadmap is set for the next few years. They listen to market needs and improve on the platform’s ability and functionality. As such, we are continually educating ourselves on the changes to bring to you the platform’s latest features. We provide you with an on-going support even after Go-live. If you want to add in small changes or functions to the live environment, we work with you to make these changes happen.

Audit & Consulting

When we say audit, we mean getting familiar with the existing infrastructure, detect all dependencies, and understand your business to help you make the best choice. We can help you prepare your infrastructure before installing Dynamics 365. If you are using an older version and wish to upgrade to the newest one, we can analyse the existing solution to find the best approach to give you access as soon as possible. We also recommend to take some time to meet with us and go through all of the Dynamics 365 processes to see if it is the right fit for you – we love this platform because of its flexibility but we also know that it is not a platform fit for every solution. This meeting can help you to answer the question: Do I need Dynamics 365 in my organisation?